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You ask Joyce and Vicky
if Candyfloss is sticky
Woke up from an Outrageously pornographic dream about one of my colleagues to discover that it was the last day of the year, and I really ought to get my arse together and post something.

So, Happy New Year, everyone - I'm sorry I've been a useless correspondent this year, but I have had an awful lot of Real Life Stuff to deal with.  I will be better next year.  Promise.

Right, off to iplayer Three men go to Scotland again and have indecent thoughts about Griff with no underwear on.  Love to you all xxxxx
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This opera is fun.  It is fun because

a.  It has the stupidest plot in all opera, against some pretty stiff competition. 
b.  It has divine and very very over the top music - got to love a bit of Verdi
c.  The principals rock.  Leonora's voice is just amazing, and the willy waving contest that is the tenor/baritone scene is a complete joy.  Nice to have a tenor who really acts and really goes for it without resorting to grandstanding it - and the baritone has a voice to die for.  Add in a joyously bonkers and glorious mezzo, a Russian bass with a voice that goes aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way down to hell and Donald Maxwell camping about and singing up a storm and it's a good show.
d.  The MD is fantastic, and a nice bloke too.  Yay.
e.  The chorus master is a babe.  Rawr.

Good stuff.
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Today I have been mostly perving.   Three hours of random rehearsal (hugely good fun and we got to stonk our way through the big double chorus and soloists scene which is basically six pages of serious vocal control and THEN SCREAM YOUR TITS OFF.  I love Verdi. Also, the one quite attracgive member of the team has taken to turning up in, well, not much, which is fine by me even if he is about twelve.  Perveperveperve.

And then my colleague who has been amazed to find out that Another Singer Watches DW came with The End of Time to watch on her lappy over lunch.  <MUST stop perving over John Simm, it isn't healthy.  Much entertainment from the fact that by end of episode Entire Cast and Directorial Team While Purporting to Not Watch DW were joining in and expressing opinions on attractiveness of cast..... I love it when artistic pretensions hit the dirt. 

Oh, and then I came home and watched Three Men in a Boat and perved over Griff swimming in the river, looking lush while rowing, looking lush while sitting on river bank.......Mmmmmmmm. 

Now I have to go and take a rehearsal with no possibility of perving whatsoever.  Boo. 
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Have finally decided that I can't wander around with The Intestines From Hell any more....am going to make an appointment with the nice consultant I saw last time things became unendurable, before they become unendurable again!

In other news........lovely quiet day at home with the littlies today, which was fun.  Rehearsal tonight, but
it's been lovely to have a bit of a break!  Although the opera rocks - the director is very good, the md an old mate whom it has been a delight to catch up with, the AMD slightly foxy (not quite in the Virgil Tracy league but still very easy on the eye) and if the choreographer can bear to stop prancing about with his boringly chiseled cheekbones and toned butt and let me actually watch the AMD instead things will be even more fun.  Principals ROCK - haven't heard the tenor yet, but the baritone, mezzo and soprano are fabulous (and not depressingly young and glam; they are Proper People and lots of fun in consequence. ) So far the minor characters are fab too, so I'm hopeful this is going to be a stormer.  And worth the insane amounts of rehearsal time.......bah. 

Oh well, off to go and play in the show where I'm one of the leads tonight.  Correspondingly it is less stellar, but lots of fun.  Assumikng my inner works let me actually enjoy myself, that is.....
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I've just done my sums for the next three months....

Number of singing gigs:   18
Number of conducting gigs 3
Number of full rehearsal days 57
Number of days of brain reports to keep finances ticking over 12
Total  =  90

Number of actual days.......62


And then I have to clean the house, look after and entertain the kids, occasionally see husband, cook, iron and do the laundry, and look after Griffworld.  And hopefully see Griff at some point..

I might be ok if i can manage to give up sleep.....
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Soooo.....Show's over.  For the first time in yonks I don't know where Honey is!  This is quite a weird feeling.  Yes, yes, I know I posted in December having and angst about him being in a theatre company for six months and making lots of friends who would replace me, but, well, I don't seem to have been replaced quite yet.  So, all good.   He's off sailing the boat for a few days in a regatta (I shall cherish the expression on Mrs Honey's face when she said that She suggested a holiday and this is what he came up with for a loooong time.) And then he's off doing the next TMIAB (In Scotland, if anyone's interested...) and then off to do the tribal art doco.  So.  Long time til I see him again.  Booooo.  

I have just ordered a lovely pic of him in costume from the man who took all the pics of him in costume.  Am I sad?  Yes, indubitably.  But I want a memory of it; and that will do very nicely.  

Byebye for a bit, honey.  Have a wonderful time , and don't forget me. xxxxxxxx

In other news I have a concert tonight.  I fear me i am going to suck donkey balls!
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I've just realised i have committed myself to far, far more than I have possibly got room for between now and October.  Help.

On top of which my car seems to be trying to enter warp drive every time I go into reverse (just when I need it EVERY SINGLE DAY for about three months) just at the point when poor Mr P had to break it to me that work have declared another Major Crisis and he can't have any time off to help with the child care.  Hellllllp.

And I've got to learn all these operas sometime.  Gnah. 

Oh, and having got all excited to hear there was going to be a Christmas special for Old Harry's Game, I find it's already been recorded.  Which, for several reasons, MUH. 

So I am doing what any sensible person would do, and going to see Oliver one more time and go and give the star a hug afterwards. God bless my honey and how kind he is to me.  And yes, he is back in my icon.....until the next time i fall over, anyway
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It's quarter to three, I'm typing reports about brains and watching dvds and i am so knackered my brain is becoming unglued.

have I actually been on holiday?  Meh.
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Back from gorgeous holiday - lots of sun and seaside and (thanks to Mr P) steam trains.... a good time had by all, and if it resembled a family holiday from the 50s then that was all told a good thing in this instance!

Now I just need to sort my house out.  How much crap can accumulate in a week?  Gah.
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I'm going on holiday tomorrow, which means that I have to organise the children to choose how many toys they can take, how many clothes they need to take, whether you can fit four bicycles in the car (no), have I got enough food (probably not), have i remembered my own trousers (almost certainly not) whether I have remembered to tell everyone in all the sets of rehearsals that i am n/a this week (well, i think so but I am completely likely to be wrong) and whether I have taken both of my knitting needles (which sounds trivial, but....)

What I completely shouldn't be doing is probably watching Whose Line at 3am but what the bollocks.  I'm tired, i want to go to bed, and it seems entirely too much effort, so I shall just pass out on my boobles.  Wake me up before we go.....
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